10 Essentials that ensure your Insurance CV stands out


Did you know that an employer will spend an average of 8 seconds looking at your CV? This means that your CV must stand out from the crowd. Here’s some tips on how to do it.

Be concise

An insurance CV should be no longer than two A4 pages. Don’t try to tell your life story on paper. Stick to the most important points and avoid anything unnecessary.


Ensure it is bespoke

Don’t send out the same CV to several different employers. Each CV you send to an insurance company should be specifically tailored to the job ad. Ensure you include a line or two about the specific company to show that you’ve done your research.


Personal Statement

Why are you the right candidate for the job? Don’t assume that every employer will put two and two together. Show them at the top of your CV why you’re a great fit for their insurance company.


Don’t leave employment gaps

Even if you’re currently unemployed, or have been in the past, don’t leave a gaping hole on your CV. It’s important to tell potential employers how you spent your time. Did you volunteer in a relevant field? Did you take a course to upskill or to add new insurance-related qualifications?


Update everything

Don’t use the same CV as you did when last applying for jobs several years ago. Take some time and update your CV to ensure that all the most recent and relevant information is on there.



Avoidable mistakes on your CV will always put an employer off, as it makes your CV look rushed or that you don’t have an eye for detail or aren’t worried about quality. Make sure that you double-check your CV before sending to employers.


Don’t embellish

It’s always tempting to make yourself sound better by embellishing the truth, but it won’t get you anywhere fast. Employers will fact check the details of a CV thoroughly and won’t hire liars.


Talk specifics

Were you part of a team that helped your last company increase its sales? If so, by how much? How long did it take you? Ensure you include any KPIs and back up any statements with relevant data.


Make it attractive

In a world full of more competition for insurance jobs than ever it’s important to make your CV stand out visually. Make it easy to read with clear fonts, bullet points and paragraph breaks.


Consider keywords

CVs are usually e-mailed or uploaded to job sites nowadays. So, if your CV is keyword-rich, then an employer may be able to find you much more easily. Ensure you not only mention any relevant insurance-related key words but also the specific areas you are aiming to work in.


Remember: potential employers will be receiving hundreds of CVs for each insurance-related role so they will be easily able to spot exactly how much effort you’ve put into your CV, so give it a lot of thought before sending.


This article was written by Nick Hoadley, Managing Director, Insurance Search.

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