Attracting the top Insurance talent through your interview process

It’s easy to assume that an interviewer always has the upper hand during the recruitment process, but for those insurance firms looking to attract the best talent, it’s very much a two-way process. Firms need to promote their brand effectively and project the right image when interviewing candidates, if they want to win over the best applicants for the job.

Perfect interview location

Creating a favourable first impression is vital to get top talent on board, and this starts with making sure that you choose the most suitable interview location. Pick a room or venue that is light and airy, and free from any distractions or external noises. If you interview candidates in your office, make sure that it looks clean and tidy, and is free from clutter.


Be prepared

Top talent won’t be impressed if you fail to take the time to prepare properly, so spend some time reading each candidate’s application and CV before the interview process. To ensure that you have enough time to prepare, allow at least 10-15 minutes between each interview, otherwise you can come across as disorganised and apathetic.


No disruptions

It can seem unprofessional if you’re interrupted by your phone or staff members knocking on the door during the interview process, and it could put a potential recruit off and less likely to choose your company for their next career move. Instead, make the interview room a ‘no disruptions’ zone, so that you can give each interviewee your full and undivided attention.


Ask the right questions

To find out the most relevant information about candidates, you must ask the right questions. Only ask questions that are directly related to the industry or the specific job role, otherwise you’re not only wasting your own time, but also the interviewee’s time. For example, the questions you ask candidates when you are recruiting for an insurance manager role should be quite different from those you ask a candidate for a much more junior position.


Be transparent

It’s easy to find a wealth of information online, so interviewees may well know more about your business than you think. Therefore, it’s always important that you be as transparent and as truthful as possible about your reasons for recruiting or the state of your business; if you hide the real facts, you could end up losing your new recruit once they discover the realities of the situation.

Don’t always assume that top talent will always prefer to join a company that is thriving and ticking along nicely. Sometimes, high flyers may like the challenge of working for a company that may have been struggling in certain aspects, so that they have the opportunity to use their skills to help turn it around and add value to the business.


Don’t let candidates down

If you mention in an interview that you will call an interviewee after the recruitment process, or you’ll supply them with further information, always make sure you fulfil these promises.


This article was written by Nick Hoadley, Managing Director, Insurance Search.

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