Key Questions to Impress at your Insurance Interview

You know it’s coming but the ‘have you got any questions?’ finale to most interviews still leaves some candidates in the insurance industry floundering. This can be a major mistake and may leave prospective employers with a poor final impression. Instead, you should think about showing off your knowledge, insight and interest by asking a question based on at least one of the following seven impressive interview question types.

Be probing

Ask a question designed to explore the role in more detail. This will demonstrate your interest in the position and should give the impression of a candidate who is committed to getting to know the role and excelling in that position.


The business

Asking a question about the insurer or broker shows a wider interest in the company, as well as the particular insurance industry job you are interested in. You can also demonstrate the extent of your pre-interview preparation by basing a question on an item of interest you discovered during your research of the company.


Opportunities on offer

Asking about potential opportunities for training, personal development and growth is a great way of demonstrating that you are looking to make a long-term commitment to the company and will relish opportunities to expand your knowledge and progress within the insurance sector.


Business culture

A business culture and environment question is a great way for you to determine whether you are likely to enjoy and thrive in the company and will also show your interest in the whole career package on offer and that you are a good fit for the interviewer’s insurance company.


Your performance

It is important that you know how your performance will be judged in your new role and a question based on how KPIs will be measured shows off a genuine interest in securing the position. It also allows your interviewer to sell the position to you as recruitment is a two-way-process, with insurance industry bosses keen to secure top talent.


A self-serving question

You can use this final question section of the interview to address any issues that you feel that your interviewer might have picked up on, such as gaps in your insurance experience or training. You can use this time to demonstrate your ability to learn quickly and your enthusiasm for broadening your knowledge base.


The next step

Use the final moments of the interview to seal the deal by enthusiastically asking about when you are likely to hear about the outcome of the interview or what the next stage of the recruitment process is likely to involve.



Asking the right questions during your insurance industry interview will allow you to further engage with your interviewer and demonstrate a real enthusiasm and excitement for the role.


Finally, make sure that you listen carefully to the answers you are given to any questions you ask and be prepared to ask further questions or inject further examples of your knowledge if the situation demands it.


This article was written by Nick Hoadley, Managing Director, Insurance Search.

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